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About Me and My Psychic Readings

Do you want to find yourself with the help of a trustworthy, gifted individual who is excelling at psychic readings? You can, if you turn to Psychic Readings by Miss Jordan. I’ve been helping people in Chicago, IL forge their paths of happiness and success. You can be one of the many happy souls who learned what is right and wrong in their lives.

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My Journey

I’ve been a professional psychic for more than 30 years and what makes me stand out in the crowd of psychics is my diverse experience. I have a life coach career, and I’m also a master teacher of meditation. I also spent seven fruitful years in India, experiencing the chakra¬†and all seven levels.

My Purpose

I’ve been helping people my whole life, and I know very well how unbalanced energy and blockages can cause illness and confusion. I know how your relationships with loved ones can suffer because of these hidden processes. With my psychic readings, I can help reunite lovers and rebuild families. Be it tarot reading, emergency energy cleansing, or else, I’m always ready to render assistance on a deeper level, fixing the unfixable, curing the sickness that you can’t cure by visiting the apothecary.

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With Psychic Readings by Miss Jordan‘s help, you can learn things you never knew existed. Things that most people and false psychics can’t see, blinded by materialistic pursuits. Just call (773) 557-9443 if you’re in Chicago, IL and let me help you!


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